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Continued … feeling good.

List 2. (do 1 or 2 or both) The main thing is that you are attentive and the list must have feeling to it. Make a list:
“What I have to be grateful for.. ” OR
“What gifts I have been given….”

Feeling good list

Feeling good. Or feeling better.
If you like self-help, if you decide to, then do it. Do it today. Start it now. Write a list
List 1. What bugs you… then at least 5 reasons to let go of it. Be willing to explode the usual attitude. Coming up with the reasons yourself forces you to dig.

Feeling good

The things we do to avoid pain or feel good are really props.
Feeling good is a choice, and a habit to develop.


As we pursue worthy goals…..
Let’s have clear vision this year….


I think the best defence against crime is not police, not judges, not lawyers, nor anyone making money off the system, and not the media.
The best defence is peoples’ honesty, empathy and good nature.

Xmas break

MIINDER will take enquiries & bookings through most of the Christmas period.
Sessions will resume in the week of January 13.


The hardest “NO” is the first one.

Right to be right

Having to be right can be debilitating and isolating.

Another modern addiction.


… this New Year,
or next New Year, what’s the difference?

Well, I reckon about 10,000 dollars, one year’s better health, maybe some extra lifespan. Worth it?


between the need to be right… and the need to be happy
between what we can control… and what we cannot…
between expectation… and acceptance…

lies … forgiveness