What is hypnosis?
There are different opinions about it. It is a change of focus for the mind, which can result in a variety of interesting effects. Stage hypnosis, movie style etc has nothing to do with hypnotherapy.

Is it sleep?
A person may or may not seem to be asleep, eyes are usually closed, limp body and so on may seem like sleep. But it is not. When a trance is deep we say “somnambulism.”

Is it like meditation?
It is similar to meditation and meditation is also a healthy practice.

Is hypnosis/hypnotherapy safe?
You hypnotise yourself every day. It is natural and safe, especially with a trained therapist. We are not concerned with sensational stage hypnosis. But for health, hypnosis has proven to be a natural gentle painless treatment with few side effects. It can be combined with medication or physical treatment.

What can it be used for?
Anxiety related issues, breaking habits, memory, weight loss and much more. Here’s a very long list.

Can I get health cover for hypnotherapy?
Yes. See our health cover page for a list of companies.