the Best Present

I ever got was from my 3 year old daughter. She knew I kept misplacing the car keys. This hand made red cardboard box, with her writing “Dad keys”, was filled with good sense and love. It saved me time each day. She had the sense to know everything should have a place. I had the sense to use it. Fifteen years later I cherish it.


Sometimes… just sometimes… doing precisely nothing… is doing the right thing…
that’s when the feeling that you must do something… that meddlesome human habit… needs to be ignored…

Know someone difficult?

This Christmas, give them what they’ve been asking for….

Boundaries. (you can still love them)


You beauty! Another client quit cigarettes.
She’s so happy and saving a fortune. That’s what we want to hear.

t e s t o s t e r o n e

Men – If you want testosterone – do something about stress. Are you even aware of what stress effects you carry. I’m saying it again. Learn to relax in your down time. HOBBIES raise testosterone.


Your next opportunity comes faster when you reach out with enthusiasm. Open eyes and open arms.

It may seem obvious but…

No sense turning up for hypnosis when drinking. Or using anything that alters the mind significantly.
What about a constant drinker? They already have altered thought patterns, and every method of abstaining must be used together. Attack the problem from all sides.


Alcohol promotes weight gain. It prevents the liver from processing food in the usual way, until the alcohol has been processed.

Teenagers –

Teenagers find a way to distance themselves from their parents. There may be friction.That is nature’s way, toward independence.

The law –

allows people to be immoral and even points the way.
Better that we use our own moral compass.